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Voting to reduce your tax millage rate two times in four years

Supporting Public Works efforts to file the necessary documents to help reduce homeowner flood insurance costs.

Supported a temporary change in commercial signage to help our small businesses during the recovery process from Covid 19.

Serving You By…

68992 BHC Banner F

Encouraged working with Casselberry Chamber of Commerce to further serve and support our local businesses.

Supported the decision to relocate our police station, which needs repair, to vacant land already owned by the city.  We plan to share the land with the County Fire and Rescue for additional savings and efficiency.

Encouraged mixed-use approach to our commercial properties that will improve our property values and lesson our dependency on vehicles for commuting and shopping, and, thereby, reduce traffic.

Supported the city’s “complete streets” approach to improving our roads by making them safer and our sidewalks wider to encourage more walking and biking.

Promoting the publication of the city’s quarterly newsletter to better communicate with our citizens.

Supported the city and Friends of the Park to add additional sculptures in our community as well as provide meeting space for the Florida Sculptors Guild.

Supported the Community Redevelopment Agency to obtain property for much needed additional parking for Lake Concord Park concerts and other activities.

Supported the creation of designating the city as a bird sanctuary.

Promoted the planting of trees along our streets and neighborhoods to help our environment and provide a canopy to improve walk ability in your community.




Apply my corporate and city experience to help the city develop a conservative budget that reflects the reduction of revenues brought on by the coronavirus, while recognizing the economic recovery maybe slow.  I will not increase the ad valorem taxes on the citizens.

With my experience as past president of the Friends of the Park, I will closely oversee the implementation of parks improvements as a result of the citizen’s approval of our Parks Referendum- a multiyear project.

Continue to support the city’s initiative for the Healthy Lifestyle element in our report to the State of Florida.  We are one of only a few cities in the state of Florida to include such an element.

Continue to look for ways to improve our city’s walk ability.

Further develop the cultural corridor at Lake Concord Park that includes our Art House and Sculptor House and numerous community events.

Promote collaboration among the city, various civic and non-profit organizations, schools and individuals.

Considering how to repurpose the land where the current police station is located to be more consistent with events and activities held at Lake Concord Park through public/private partnerships.

Assist our local school where possible, with implementing new student programs and capital improvements of the buildings.


The city of Casselberry has come a long way throughout the decades.  To move forward, we need a concerted effort to work together to accomplish great things for our future.  We are a diverse community, but we can agree upon continuing to develop safe, thriving neighborhoods, as well as prosperous small and large businesses to support our community.  Our parks will continue to grow to provide many new and improved amenities with the passing of the Park Referendum. Please work with me to achieve success for you and your family.

"Like you, I am proud of our city's progress and together we will meet the challenges of the future"

Bill Hufford - Vice-mayor/Commissioner, Casselberry Commission Seat Four

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