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Bill Hufford, May 29 2020

The Value of Experience

When the Beatles first came on the scene in the 60s, they took the world by storm.  People were amazed at how good they sounded having never hearing of them before.  What the world didn’t realize is the amount of practice and playing, often in very challenging places and conditions, they did before others noticed.  In others words…experience mattered even if no one knew.

With me, that’s what I bring to this commission seat.  I have over 30 years of experience in a large corporation running large projects and putting together budgets during some very challenging years of the company. I also spent several years working with small businesses understanding how they operate with often times limited resources.

Add to that the 3 years I have spent as a commissioner and the many years working as a volunteer along side the city, I have become very familiar with the bright spots and the challenging places that face our city.  Experience does matter.

With the challenges we face as a city, emerging from the covid-19 virus lockdown, we need experience on the commission to assist staff to navigate in unchartered waters.  With your input and all of us working together, we can build an even stronger, more vibrant city.

As the Beatles discovered, experience matters!

Written by

Bill Hufford


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