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Bill Hufford, May 30 2020

The Importance of Teamwork

As I am developing my campaign strategy, you always have a concern, “Can I pull this off for a victory on election day?”  I have found that it’s not simply about how strong of a leader you are on your own, or the amount of money you put into the campaign, but it’s the team you assemble.  Simply put, I have been blessed with an awesome team!

Fortunately, I have a wise, caring, battled-tested campaign manager (a/k/a My Wife), and we have assembled a great group of volunteers, with the help of some paid professionals, to fill all the gaps to help get my message out to all Casselberry citizens.

All this to say while leadership is important; the team you work with ultimately determine how successful you’ll be.  If you think about it, that applies to running a city.

You obviously need a governmental staff that is trained and knowledgeable in the planning and running of the numerous functions – from water management, parks, building codes and standards, to police safety and protection.  While all of this is critical for a solid, functioning foundation, what makes the city come “alive” are all the partners that come along side, both professional and volunteers, to offer their support.

We couldn’t be the great city we are without the willingness of the city to welcome these partners into the family to jointly make Casselberry a thriving place to work, live and play.  Moving forward together!

Written by

Bill Hufford


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