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Education, More than Training the Mind

Bill Hufford, June 9 2020

When I recently attended the Casselberry Elementary School drive-by graduation ceremony for the 5th graders, who were moving on to middle school, I realized that education is much more than academics and training the mind.  It also involves the heart. When the parents drove by with their kids (a/k/a students), honking their horns, waving like crazy...

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Meaningful Dialogue, It Starts with Me

Bill Hufford, May 31 2020

Have you ever entered into a quiet room with someone else to have a meaningful discussion where you can hear one another to come to a mutual understanding about serious issues? It requires concentration, compassion, focus and the ability to hear and be heard.  Then, as more people enter the room to perhaps pursue a similar conversation, the ability...

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The Importance of Teamwork

Bill Hufford, May 30 2020

As I am developing my campaign strategy, you always have a concern, “Can I pull this off for a victory on election day?”  I have found that it’s not simply about how strong of a leader you are on your own, or the amount of money you put into the campaign, but it’s the team you assemble.  Simply put, I have been blessed with an awesome team!

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The Value of Experience

Bill Hufford, May 29 2020

When the Beatles first came on the scene in the 60s, they took the world by storm.  People were amazed at how good they sounded having never hearing of them before.  What the world didn’t realize is the amount of practice and playing, often in very challenging places and conditions, they did before others noticed.  In others words…experience matter...

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